Skin Tightening
Salt Lake City, UT

Restoring a Youthful Look

Ideally, your skin should be taut and firm against your body. However, factors like aging, pregnancy, and sudden weight loss lead to skin laxity, making skin tissues sag and hang away from your body. Sagging skin makes you look older and heavier than you are and prevents you from enjoying the fruits of your weight loss.

At Vilate Med Spa, we provide cutting-edge, non-surgical skin tightening in Salt Lake City and Bountiful to address excessive skin laxity, and restore your youthful body contours.

What is Skin Tightening?

Skin tightening is the process of treating your skin’s excessive laxity, giving you smoother, taut, and firm skin. Youthful skin appears tight and firm because of the abundance of collagen, a fibrous protein that supports your skin tissues. Collagen is essentially your skin’s structural framework, holding it upright against gravity to give you a toned, firm, and contoured appearance.

However, as you grow older, your body’s ability to produce collagen fibers decreases, leading to depleting collagen reserves. The loss of collagen and elastin from your skin leads to skin laxity, making your skin tissues sag and droop downwards, incapable of defying gravity. Skin laxity also makes your wrinkles and fine lines appear prominently, giving you an old and tired appearance.

Aging isn’t the only cause of skin laxity. You may have sagging skin tissues because of a sudden loss of weight, either after pregnancy or after a sustained period of significant weight loss. In these cases, even though you lose the additional weight, your skin tissues hang around your body, making you look older and heavier than you are.

As the name suggests, skin tightening procedures aim to tighten your skin tissues, restoring your skin’s youthful firmness. The best non-surgical cosmetic procedures for skin tightening deliver radiofrequency energy into the targeted skin tissues to cause contracture and encourage collagen production. The production of collagen gradually restores your former tightness and firmness.

Treatment Options for Skin Tightening in Salt Lake City

Evolve is a state-of-the-art body remodeling technology that delivers radiofrequency energy through hands-free applicators to tighten your skin tissues. The Evolve platform consists of numerous technologies, but the one responsible for skin tightening is the Tite on Evolve.

The Tite technology consists of 8 hands-free applicators that are attached to the chosen treatment areas with sagging skin. The applicators deliver uniform radiofrequency energy into the skin’s subdermal layers to activate collagen production, which, in turn, tightens your skin.

Morpheus8 is a cutting-edge skin remodeling technology that tightens your skin with an RF microneedling approach. The Morpheus8 platform consists of two devices — Morpheus8 for the face and Morpheus8 Body for larger areas of the body. The devices contain numerous microneedles that produce micro-punctures on the skin’s surface to deliver the radiofrequency energy deep within the surface.

The controlled micro-injuries immediately activate your body’s healing response, and the radiofrequency energy activates collagen production. Over time, the skin on the treatment areas is replaced by smoother, tighter, and younger skin. Morpheus8 also addresses unwanted subcutaneous fat tissues to make you look slimmer.

Forma is a skin tissue remodeling device that uses a small subdermal heating device to deliver radiofrequency energy. The radiofrequency energy travels from the applicator via electrodes into the deepest layers of the skin, producing collagen fibers. Over time, the collagen improves your skin texture, tightens your skin tissues, and gives you a youthful appearance. Forma only treats skin laxity on the face — forehead, eyelids, nasolabial folds, jowls, and neck.

Am I a Candidate?

Skin tightening is a suitable procedure for anyone with unwanted skin laxity due to age, post-pregnancy laxity, or the sudden loss of weight. The skin tightening procedures are non-surgical and minimally-invasive, making them suitable for people of all skin types and colors.

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What should I expect during my Skin Tightening Treatment?

Your skin tightening in Salt Lake City and Bountiful starts with a personal consultation with Dr. Jason Johnson, our exceptionally talented, board-certified physician. He carefully assesses the quality of your skin, the amount of laxity, and discusses your cosmetic goals to recommend the ideal skin tightening treatment modality.

Dr. Johnson explains all the steps involved in each skin tightening procedure and recommends the ideal treatment plan for your unique needs. The skin tightening procedure itself is fairly simple, though the details may depend on the chosen modality. All our skin tightening procedures are non-surgical and don’t involve downtime, so you can immediately resume your daily activities.